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Sydney Opera House at nightFor all who have decided to continue their education abroad Australia is a very exotic destination. But with its friendly people and wonderful climate it is also very attractive. In Australia there are 39 Universities and only 2 of them are private. Most Universities have their admissions twice a year – in July and in February. Please allow at least 8-12 months to prepare for the IELTS test and finalize all admission formalities.

When you apply for an admission even if you provide all necessary documents, you will be offered a place only if you meet all requirements for this course, including English skills, and provided that there are places available for this particular course.

Education in Australia is not free, and fees tend to increase by 6% to 10% annually. The total cost for your education and living cost may vary depending on the University and the region, and although as a student you will allowed to work 20 hours a week, we would recommend that you do not reply on this income only. What is more, sometimes the University itself or the Australian Embassy may ask you to prove that you have sufficient funds before your admission or visa application is approved