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Maltese flag butterfly, isolated on whiteWhen talking about English courses and camps in Malta one of the first questions is “Why Malta? What makes it better that the UK for example?’” In fact there are not 1, but 4 reasons to choose Malta:

1. Tuition fees are at least 20% – 30% less than the fees of similar schools in the UK, while the quality of the education is the same, and even better. Our observations show that an intense 6-week course is pretty enough for an absolute beginner to learn enough to cope with simple day-to-day language

2. Climate in Malta is much better, and the students can enjoy the sea and the beach almost all year around. And our schools has its own Olympic-size pool and a leisure area around it for its students

3. English is declared the official language of Malta before the Maltese, and Malta is one of the few countries in the world with 2 official languages. English is commonly used not only in the government administration, but also in communication between people. Subject are taught in English in most high schools and in all colleges and universities. The two biggest daily papers are in English, as well a good number of magazines, brochures, etc. It is very important to emphasize that learning English is not only to read and write in the classroom, but to speak to the people around, and this is what Malta offers.

4. One very important point for all parents, who would like to send their children on a language camp outside their home country – our partners in Malta offer a 24-hour assistance if your kids need it and do take good care of them.

Every year Malta hosts about 80 000 students from 60 different countries. In the summer Malta is full with young people and life, autumn and winter are more suitable for elder students.