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For all who wish to learn or improve their English – whatever their age or language level – our English Language Courses offer the ideal combination:

Bournemouth, where Anglo-Continental has been teaching English since 1950, is one of England’s finest south coast resorts with a mild climate and a safe, secure environment. Just two hours from London by road or rail, it is a lively university town with outstanding facilities for sport, leisure and entertainment.

Entry Test: Your course will begin with a short Entry Test so that we can place you in a class or study group at the appropriate language level. Subject to minimum standards required for some of our courses, tuition is given at six levels from Beginner to Advanced, subdivided into 14 grades.

  • General English Programme
  • Academic Study Year Programme
  • Examination Programme
  • Business Programme
  • Specialised Programme
  • Aviation English Division
  • The Cambridge CELTA Qualification
  • The Trinity Diploma in TESOL Qualification
  • Executive Programme
  • Over 50’s Programme
  • Vacation Programme
  • Junior Programme
  • Professional Training Programme
  • General English Programme

Intensive Courses

Our Intensive Courses in General English are the foundation on which all Anglo-Continental teaching is based:

  • Courses of 20, 25, or 30 lessons per week
  • every level from Beginner to Advanced
  • multi-national classes
  • constant monitoring and regular progress tests
  • homework and directed study assignments
  • reduced fees for long-term study

Academic Study Year Programme

Your course provides an individually designed study plan which will allow you to progress at the best speed you can achieve. It will be particularly suitable if you wish to reach a high level in English for educational or professional purposes, or if you wish to enter an English-speaking college or university.

Course Duration

You can enroll for varying periods from 24 to 48 weeks (up to 60 weeks in exceptional cases) depending on your initial level of English, the level you wish to reach, and the examination qualifications, if any, you wish to obtain.

Examination Programme

Our Examination Programme offers you outstanding teaching which raises your English to the highest possible level, and internationally accepted qualifications as proof of your success.

Courses in preparation for the English Language Examinations offered by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES):

• X-1.25 / X-1.30 – First Certificate in English (FCE) – welcomed by educational institutions, industry and commerce throughout the world

• X-2.25 – Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) – an essential qualification for entry to the majority of English-speaking universities and colleges

Preparation for Examinations offered by the British Council/UCLES:

• X-3.25 – International English Language Testing System (IELTS) – an internationally recognised qualification for entry to the majority of English-speaking universities and colleges

Vacation Programme

Our Vacation Courses during the summer are designed for young people who wish to improve their language ability in a limited number of weeks and at the same time enjoy an active and interesting holiday in England.

20 English language lessons per week are combined with organized excursions, sports and leisure activities to provide the perfect blend of study and recreation.

English Language and Activity Programme for Juniors

The Anglo-Continental School for Juniors, at two centres in the safe, secure environment of Bournemouth, offers stimulating English language and Activity Courses for Juniors aged 10 to 15. These courses provide: enjoyable English language lessons at all levels from Beginner to Advanced , a high ratio of staff to students , carefully supervised excursions, sports and leisure activities , residential accommodation within the school, or in selected English family homes All the activities of the programme are graded according to the experience, ability and language levels of the various age groups, with the emphasis on enjoyable learning and individual student-care.