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Dairymen, who prepare the mozzarellaFor many years this program has helped hundreds of students to improve their skills at placements in different kinds of food-production and food-processing factories in the UK. Trainees and interns learn practical techniques, while experiencing life in a different culture. Our goal is to teach young men and women skills that allow them to help increase the quantity and quality of food and fiber produced around the world. We partner with a wide variety of factories for fish processing, meat processing, milk-production, etc.

Benefits: In addition to practical training and experience in the UK and immersion in the English culture, you will receive housing with utilities /rent will vary between £50 – £60/, and a minimum monthly stipend of £ 850 /though most of our interns receive between £850 – £1250/.


  • Due to visa restrictions this program is open for EU / EEA area citizens only
  • All applicants must be studying Agriculture, horticulture or related subjects OR must have had at least 2 years practical experience in agriculture or food-processing industry.
  • All applicants must be up to 30 years of age
  • All applicants must speak reasonable English

Application and selection procedure:

First you must do is prepare and e-mail the application documents. A complete application must include the following:

  • CV – Because placements are very competitive, you should provide as much information as possible and be specific about the type of placement you are seeking
  • A copy of the identity page of your passport
  • Certificate of enrolment OR a document proving your experience. If you are unsure please contact us to confirm whether your documents are appropriate.

We accept applications and make placements year round. Upon receipt of your complete application, we immediately seek to match you with possible host factories and sends a copy of your application to each prospective host. Hosts have the final say as to whether or not to accept you.

When we receive your complete application, we will call you on Skype to discuss the placement you are seeking for and make sure that your internship is of best benefit to you and your host. Then we will match you with a suitable host and send a copy of your application to the host for review. As soon as a host selects you he will send you an offer for your training, which you must sign in case you agree to it.

Please DO NOT PAY for your travel or make any arrangements before contacting us first

Fees & costs

If accepted you will need to pay for:

  • Program fee – €600
  • Costs of your travel to your host farm and return home

For more details please contact us