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1. Download our application form from HERE and fill it in. Do not forget that you can apply for several positions, in several countries, but you should choose only positions that you are interested in and have the relevant qualification and/or experience. More details on the requirements for each position can be found HERE.

2. Prepare your CV. We would recommend that you download and use our template from HERE, as it is easier for all employers to check CVs if they are all in the same format. In case you are applying for a position that requires certain qualification or experience /like a nurse or an engineer/ you must also include copies of your certificates / diplomas /translated into English by a licensed translator/ and references from previous employers. If you are not sure what exactly you will need please CONTACT US.

3. E-mail your application, CV, passport-size picture and full-size picture to our address: info/at/

4. If we need any clarification or details we shall contact you by e-mail or Skype, so please make sure you have provided correct details, and then we shall send your application to employers who are currently looking for staff.

5. If you are pre-selected we shall organize a Skype interview with your employer /although sometime employers may offer you a contract without any interviews – just based on your CV/

6. Upon final selection you will receive an employment offer, which you must read carefully and sign in case you accept it. Together with the signed employment offer we shall ask you to e-mail back a copy of your passport and any other paperwork as requested by the employer /i.e. medical tests, police check, etc./

7. Then starts the procedure for issuing your employment visa – it may take from 7 days to 3 months, depending on the country and the season /in general during the month of holy Ramadan it takes longer/

8. When your visa is ready we shall organize your travel – we will normally inform you for your travel date at least a week in advance, so you will have enough time to prepare for it.

9. When your ticket is ready we shall contact you by Skype to do an induction, and give you more information what to expect when you arrive there, who will wait for you, where you shall be accommodated, etc.

10. It is very important to remember that once you start work you are a subject to the local laws and traditions, and you must obey by them regardless of your opinion – you may think it is not important, or is strange, yet DO NOT disregard local rules. In case you are involved into a conflict with your supervisors or colleagues, ALWAYS contact your manager first. If it is not possible to resolve the conflict within the company then you must contact the relevant authorities – Ministry of Labour, police, etc.