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Chef with vegetablesJob Description: waiters, waitresses, receptionists, supervisors, sue chefs, demi-chefs, chef de partie, etc., administrators, managers and all other kinds of hotel staff. Most of the jobs available are for waiters, waitresses and receptionists. It is also easier to be approved for these positions, as generally previous experience is not a must, while it is absolutely necessary to have at least 2 years relevant experience for all other skilled and managerial positions. Also all big hotels would prefer to promote their own staff rather than employ somebody from outside, so we would normally recommend these positions to all young candidates, even if they speak excellent English or have good educational background and computer literacy. It is an excellent opportunity to get a job very quickly, get training and experience, and get a promotion after 6 months or 1 year. Detailed job description for waiter/waitress available HERE, for receptionist – HERE.

Requirements: – for waiters, waitresses and receptionists – age up to 30 years and spoken English. For all other positions – spoken English and relevant experience

Contract & payment terms – two-years renewable contract. Salaries are tax-free, starting from $550 for waiters with no upper limits. Tips and bonuses are on top of this salary.

Other terms & conditions: Free shared accommodation, free duty meals, free transportation to and from work, free uniform, free medical insurance. Accommodation is in staff residences, normally 2 girls /boys per room, 2 or 3 rooms in an apartment, sharing a kitchen and a bathroom.

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