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Helping a sick elderly womanJob Description: Domiciliary carers are men and women who care for old or sick people in their homes. They can help with the house work, clean the resident, feed him/her, give him/her medicines, etc. Anyone who has successfully passed a short 3-day course can do the job. The course is carried on the spot and is free for the workers. Detailed Job Description available HERE.

Requirements: Male or female, no age limits, spoken English. Driving license is an advantage

Contract & payment terms: Like in most countries in the world, in the UK you can be offered fixed-term contract, or permanent contract. But in both cases there are procedures for renewing or terminating it. The payment starts from the National minimum wage, which is £6,31, but most of our employers would offer more.

Other terms & conditions: You are responsible to pay for the air ticket and the transportation costs from the airport to the host city. Your employer will provide shared accommodation with some other staff, but you will pay rent for it, and also you will pay for your utility bills – electricity, gas, water, etc. Average cost of accommodation is around £50-£60 a week. You are also allowed to move to another place by giving a reasonable notice to your employer, but please remember that in the UK you will normally be asked to pay in advance as a deposit 3 months rent.

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